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TECHING 1:10 Turbofan Engine Model Kit: Build Your Own Working Aircraft Engine

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Build your own functioning aircraft engine with the TECHING 1:10 Turbofan Engine Model Kit. This high-quality kit allows you to gain valuable insights into the mechanics and inner workings of a real turbofan engine. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring engineers.

Model Introduction:
The turbofan engine is considered the gem on the crown of industrial manufacturing, requiring world-class challenges no matter in engineering design, high-temperature material production, processing techniques and precision, assembly processes, safety, fuel efficiency, thrust efficiency, etc. This 1/10 model faithfully restores the structure and principles of aerospace turbofan engines,  widely used in civilian aircraft models, unraveling the mysteries of the most complex industrial mechanical models.
Realistic & Authentic:
The lifelike & visually stunning model provides a realistic depiction of a full-sized engine with main components including a first-stage fan, two-stage low-pressure compressor, four-stage high-pressure compressor, first-stage high-pressure turbine, and two-stage low-pressure turbine.
High-Quality Construction:
Made of high-quality metal, the meticulous model, full of detail and features, undergoes precision casting and CNC machining, along with sandblasting and anodized coloring treatment on the surface, ensuring durability and accuracy the same as the real model.
Dynamic and Visible:
The hollowed-out engine case allows the operation of a real engine through motor-driven functionality to be fully visible. Equipped with a fixed bracket, throttle lever, and engine sound module, providing a more realistic and engaging experience, immersing you in the fascinating industrial machinery world.
DIY Assembly:
Consists of 1000+PCS (including screws & nuts) and comes with tools and paper-based English instructions. You will personally experience the entire assembly process, from small parts to the final completed model, constructing an awe-inspiring turbofan engine model.
STEM Education:
As an educational tool, this model unravels the internal workings of a turbofan engine, imparts knowledge about aerospace engineering, and stimulates interest, creativity, and awe for industrial technological achievements, enhancing parent-child interaction and communication.
Display or Collect:
Whether for the aviation enthusiast, collector, or simply appreciate engineering marvels, the impressive dual-spool turbofan engine model adds a touch of sophistication to your home, office, or aviation-themed decor.
Wide Application:
It can be used as teaching aids, in DIY project or engine collections. Besides, With high-end package, ideal gift for yourself, friends, kids, colleagues or family members. They will 100% love it.
Gifts & Collection:
The products are packaged in high-end metal gift boxes, which are the best gift choices for friends and relatives
Age Recommendation: 12+

More Details:
Material: Aluminum alloy + Stainless Steel
Model: Dual Rotor Turbofan Engine
Scale: 1/10
Model Length: 380mm
Fan Diameter: 165mm
Number of Parts: 1000+PCS (Components: 400+PCS, Screws & Nuts: 600+PCS)
Drive System: Motor-driven
Battery: 3.7V 800mAh Lithium Battery
Power Charging Cable: DC 5V USB Cable
Charging Time: 3 hours
Battery Life: 1 hour (at Full Charge)
Assembly Time: Approx. 10 hours
Difficulty Level: ★★★★★
.Product Weight: 4.0 kg
Package Weight: 5.0kg
Product Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 25 cm
Packing: Graphic Carton

Package List:
1 Set x Turbofan Engine Model Kit
1 Set x Installation Tool
1 x User Manual

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