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NR-200 8.6cc Inline 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Nitro Engine for 1:8 RC Car

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Why Make NR-200?
At the first sight of it, you might think of it as Toyan FS-L200. Actually it's not. This is a brand new engine, which is designed by Enjomor R&D team. We have collected hundreds of feedbacks from our current customers, especially those who have used Toyan engines. We have found that all they want is a simple engine with smaller size but much more power, just like a "beast". Because it's convenient for them to install it on their RC cars, boats, ships and tanks etc. Some of them are also worried that their engines are not durable because of some technical quality problems, like oil-leaking, wearing, hard starting, adjustment and so on. In this case, we decide to make a different engine.

What's the Difference between NR-200 and FS-L200?
This is one of the most common questions our team gets asked. I do love Toyan engines, but I have to admit that it's not easy to adjust the carburetor of FS-L200, especially for those who are not familiar with Toyan engines. Toyan's idling speed is not very stable. Sadly, they suffer from oil leak too. Compared with FS-L200, NR-200 has much better performance, which has neither no oil leakage, nor air leakage, and no water leakage. It's more powerful than FS-L200, which can only reach 8000- 13500 RPM. (from Warped Conception's video). NR-200 can reaches 3000-18000rpm (Max speed is 22000rpm). More importantly, It's easy to debug and start. It's water cooled. The valve is adjustable too. By adjusting the gap between the valve and the rocker arm, the valve timing can be advanced or retarded to control the speed.

What's New about NR-200?
In order to make it smaller, powerful and durable, our designers make use of compact and lightweight structure, larger cylinder, long stroke and adjustable carburetor and superb craftsmanship.
As we can see, compatible with the 1:8 scale RC car model, the compact outside body & lightweight structure increases its output power, makes it more resistant even under violent testing, which offers the players better subsequent upgrades and new applications.

Why is it stronger and more powerful?
Because the large cylinder pressure and long stroke can effectively provide a higher displacement and torque. The engine lovers will love the the design of the single carburetor. The valve is adjustable. It's easier to adjust and start the engine for its carburetor and high torque starter motor, even for an inexperienced person. The engine has a higher speed than that of FS-L200 and the maximum speed can reach almost 22000rpm by changing and adjusting the big carburetor.

Why is it More Stable?
It's equipped with the asynchronous crankshaft to ensure smooth operation and the more sensitive response under high-speed running. And the built-in centrifugal water pump cooling, the best way of cooling I think, ensures that the engine works more stable for a long time. The adjustable valve can reduce the risk of wearing and replacing spare parts too.

Why is it Classic?
In order to make it closer to the real car engine, we simulate not only the exquisite appearance but also color matching. The whole engine is made of aluminum CNC machining, sandblasted, anodized and colored, and the superb craftsmanship ensures the high quality and longer life service of the engine.

How to Start the Engine?
This engine needs to be used with a starter kit (not included), ignition module, glow head, battery, fuel tank, water pipe, radiator, and fuel.

Where Can I Use it ?
This engine will be a great gift for the most model engine lovers, especially for those who have 1:8 scale oil-powered RC model cars. You can also use it as your science and education experiments project, or enrich your collections, etc.

Age: 14+

Material: Metal
Form: KIT parts or finished version
Type: Nitro engine
Displacement: 8.6cc (2×4.3cc)
Cylinder: In-line double cylinder
Stroke: Four strokes
Bore Diameter: 18.00mm
Stroke: 17.00mm
Cooling Method: Water cooling
Starting Method: Electric start
Speed: 3000-18000rpm (up to 22000rpm)
Power: More than 1ps
Starting Power: 12V or 3S lithium battery
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 10 x 9.5cm
Product Weight: 800g
Package Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15cm
Package Weight: 1300g

Package Content:
.1 Set x Nitro Engine