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Enjomor DM-59 Watt Steam Engine Reactor Model for Scientific Studies

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Steam Engine Reactor: The improvement and application of Watt steam engine, model it, and you will be attracted by its exquisite appearance. The steam engine starts and runs smoothly and simulates steam mist, which makes people obsessed. Take you back to the steam age.
Safety Design: The steam engine is equipped with a pressure monitoring instrument, a hand-operated valve switch, which can adjust the air intake, and a splash-proof exhaust pipe on the side. The steam engine is equipped with a vertical reactor furnace, and the steam pressure is evenly released to ensure safe use.
Excellent Manufacturing Process: It is made of metal material, safe and strong, and the retro appearance evokes the feelings of the steam age. The first-class processing technology brings excellent performance and high-end mechanical model experience. It is a combination of texture and beauty crafts.
Instructions for Use: Place the model on the desktop, use the steam pipe to connect the reaction furnace and the steam engine, fill the boiler with water, fill the alcohol lamp with 95% alcohol fuel, light the wick to heat, close the throttle valve clockwise, and heat for 4 minutes. The pressure rises to 0.5bar. Open the throttle valve counterclockwise. Turn the flywheel to start the steam engine.
Notes: Operate the machine according to the instructions. It is forbidden to dry the machine without water, and it is forbidden to touch the heated part of the machine to prevent scalding. Children should use it under the supervision of an adult.
Wide Application and Gift: This product is suitable as a teaching aid and learning tool, do scientific and technological experiments, and contribute to popular science knowledge. It can also be used as a cool desktop decoration crafts to play. At the same time, it is suitable as a great gift for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays to steam model players and technology enthusiasts.
For age: 14+


Color: As Shown
Material: Metal
Steam Engine Size: 190 x 95 x 135mm
Reactor Diameter: φ135mm
Reactor Height: 175mm
Fuel Type: 95% alcohol (not included)
Fuel Filling Volume: 40mL
Boiler Water Filling Volume: 80mL
Starting Pressure: 0.5bar
Product Weight: 1800g
Package Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 20cm
Package Weight: 2000g
Packing: Box

Package Content:

1 x Steam Engine
1 x Reactor
3 x Hex Wrenches
2 x Spare Wick
1 x High Pressure Tube Wrench
1 x High Pressure Tube
1 x Funnel
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Manual