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ENJOMOR 10cc Flathead Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine

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What is Flathead engine?

A Flathead engine, also known as a side valve engine or valve-in-block engine is an internal combustion engine with its poppet valves contained within the engine block, instead of in the cylinder head, as in an overhead valve engine.

Flathead were widely used internationally by automobile manufactures from the late 1890s until the mid-1950s but were replaced by more efficient overhead valve and overhead camshaft engines. They are currently experiencing a revival in low-revving aeroengines such as the D-Motor.

Tribute to the classics:
Taking the Whippet engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury (ETW) in 1963 as the prototype, combined with our design philosophy, we launched this brand-new flat-head engine (L-head engine). It is the simplest small engine in power equipment, but people will praise it for its good working condition.
Reliable Structure:
Keep the height of the engine at the lowest level. Aesthetically, this gives the four-stroke engine a unique compact appearance. Side valve design, simple structure and not too heavy. The water circulation is cooled, and there is an independent lubrication system, so that the engine can run for a long time without paying attention.
Excellent Quality:
Made of aluminum CNC finishing, the integrated crankshaft is hardened, and the surface is electrophoresed paint treatment, which will not fade for a long time, showing the retro industrial green texture of the engine. The characteristic design of carburetor and exhaust pipe, the performance will not be inferior to that of ohc/ohv engine.
Wide Application:
This will be a very pleasant engine, with greater potential for upgrades, and easier to apply on RC scale model ships. Of course, it is also an ornamental desktop engine, one of the indispensable engine types in model exhibitions.
Creative Gift:
I believe its quality and performance will be impressive, this is an interesting experience. It is a perfect supplement for engine model enthusiasts and collectors, and it is also an excellent personalized gift for mechanical enthusiasts.
Warm Tips:
The engine comes with a spark plug and igniter, not including the engine base. Any questions about the engine, please feel free to contact us. Improper operation with the instructions helps avoid damage to the machine.
Suitable age: over 14 years old

More Details:
Material: metal
Color: Green
Item Name: Flathead Engine
Item Form: finished product (assembled)
Size: 113*117*112mm
Weight: 1000g
Cylinder: vertical single cylinder
Stroke: 4 strokes
Displacement: 10cc
Bore diameter: 25mm
Stroke: 19mm
Speed: 2000-6000rpm
Power: 0.5ps
Cooling method: water cooling
Start mode: pull/drill start
Lubrication method: independent lubrication
Fuel: gasoline.

Package Contents:
1 x Flathead Engine
1 x Spark Plug
1 x Carburetor
1 x Manual