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Toyan FS-L200W Engine 7cc Inline 2 Cylinders 4 Stroke Water-cooled Methanol Engine

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1. Water Cooling:
The FS-L200W engine has a new water-cooling groove to reduce the risk of engine overheating, and the cooling fan is used to enhance the self-cooling performance.
2. Highly Simulation:
Black printing color matching design, highly simulated appearance, much more closer to the real engine.
3. Long stroke:
Taking long stroke as the original design of the engine, it effectively provides higher torque.
4. Extended Crankshaft:
The extended crankshaft design can be matched with forward/reverse gearboxes, which is more suitable for RC model loading.
5. Asynchronous Crankshaft:
The asynchronous crankshaft structure is adopted, which makes the operation smoother, and the acceleration response is more sensitive. The maximum speed is 16000rpm.
6. Adjustable Belt Pulley:
The structure of the adjustable belt pulley is tighter, which greatly reduces the risk of tooth skipping during high-speed operation.
7. Large Gear Ratio Pulley:
Large gear ratio starting pulley, matched with high torque brushless motor, makes starting more calmly.
8. Precise Rocker Arm:
The rocker arm design makes the valve switch more precise.
9. Lightweight:
Lightweight structural design, which can be better compatible with the RC model, greatly improving the unit power output ratio.
10. Double Carburetor:
The new double carburetor design allows players to have more adjustments, making the throttle response more sensitive and working more stable.
11. Double Oil Seals:
Use customized flexible oil seals to fully solve the problem of bearing oil leakage, and have a higher speed bearing capacity.
12. Excellent Gift:
Enjoy the fun of DIY engine construction, and you are able to use the engine as a desktop model to play with, and it can also be used to refit to RC model cars or boats. More applications are waiting for you with strong hands-on ability to develop. It is suitable for model lovers and enthusiasts for personal use or as high-end model gifts for relatives and friends.
13. Precautions:
The engine is the KIT Version and it is necessary to purchase additional ignition starting accessories and water cooling accessories. Please follow the instructions of the manual carefully to avoid damage to the machine or danger.


Material: Metal
Model: FS-L200W
Product Form: KIT Version
Displacement: 7cc (3.5cc*2)
Cylinder Diameter: 16.60mm
Piston Stroke: 17.00mm
Speed: 4000-16000rpm
Power: 0.82ps
Cooling Method: Water cooling
Start Mode: Electric Start
Starting Power: 7.4V Battery
Size: 112.45*104.60*82.83mm
Weight: 550g (bare metal)

Suitable age: 14+

Package List(Gift Box Packing):
1 * Engine Model KIT (TOYAN L200W)
1 * Manual