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H74 5cc 2 cylinder 4 Stroke Water Cooled Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine

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1. This is a vertical dual-cylinder gasoline engine with vintage outlook and mechanical speed governor, and it allows engine to stabilized a set of speed.
2. The engine adopts water circulation cooled, with radiator tank, water pump and fan. Equipped with ignition system and powered by 4.5V (3 x AA battery - not included).
3. This is a perfect mechanical craft which is made from brass and stainless steel. The product is assembled on the wooden base and ready to run. Adding fuel to work, its good performance will amazed you a lot.

Starting Step:
1. Check the engine wiring under the wooden base, then connect the oil tank and oil tube and install 3 AA battery (4.5V).
2. Fill the oil tank with 95 gasoline. After filling, rotate the flywheel clockwise on the right side of the engine (power switch surface) for several turns, which can make the mixed fuel fully enter the cylinder and ensure that there is no air in the fuel pipe.
3. Turn on the power switch then rotate the flywheel clockwise quickly to start the engine on its right.

1. You need to add some water to the water tank after the engine works, for the water will enter the cylinder to fill the space after work and the water path in the cylinder will return to the water tank through the pipe.
2. If the ignition device is normal and the cylinder compression is normal and the machine cannot start normally, it is likely that the carburetor needle needs to be adjusted.
3. After tighten the needle of carburetor, loosen it for 1/4 turn and start the flywheel to make the mixture ratio of the gasoline and air reach the the normal working mixture ratio.
4. Turn off the power when the machine stop working.
5. This is an ideal gift for machinery and model fans and it will spent the spare time with you. It can serve as a collection or a gift for Christmas and birthday.

Material: Brass/Stainless Steel/Wood
Integrated Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 210mm
Engine Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 100mm
Wooden Base Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 30mm
Weight: 2500g
Displacement: 5CC
Cylinder Diameter: 13mm
Stroke: 20mm
Ignition Unit Power Voltage: 4.5V
Starting Mode: External Force (Electric Drill) or Manual
Product Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 21cm
Product Weight: 2500g
Package Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 25cm
Package Weight: 2800g
Packing: Box

Packing List:
1 x H74 Internal Combustion Engine Model